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Why Agent Plus Environment?

The short version: http://www.elitereplicawatch.net Who and carpet cleaning chicago chicago carpet cleaning what I am are determined by things internal to me (the agent) and my interactions with the world and other agents around me (my environment).Read the long version »

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Perceptual control theory in a nutshell

Are you familiar national debt relief reviews with perceptual control theory? The http://www.hivelink.co.uk basic idea is this: People are not rocks. Everyone has internal carpet cleaning dallas standards they want to control. Behavior is goal-directed and vaporizer reviews purposeful

The homework soundtrack

Through force of habit, a particular set of albums has become my 5 Htp Reviews paper-writing music. It was by chance at first: a selection of songs flappy bird hack I could tune out as I wrote a final draft. Later, I continued to pick the same albums — is their productivity-enhancing effect a placebo